Three Ways to Maximize Your Influencer Partnership

Influencers have become an essential part of any marketing strategy. They are known as subject matter experts, or SMEs, in a variety of fields (parenting, beauty, fitness, travel, etc.) who advocate for trusted brands and promote calls-to-action. The best influencers build an emotional relationship with their audience and have enough power to persuade their followers to visit a store, buy a product, sign-up for an event, and more. To create that emotional relationship, influencers must maintain a level of honesty and integrity, including their work with sponsored content. An influencer’s opinion and recommendation should feel unbiased as many followers will distrust an influencer who promotes biased content. To create a mutually beneficial campaign, here are three ways to maximize influencer partners:

  • Allow influencers to have creative input – When working with an influencer it’s important to make space for their input and ideas. Influencers are experts at grabbing attention and creatively marketing new trends and products. Outline your campaign goals and collaborate ideas to get the job done.
  • Quality > Quantity – Before sending an outreach email to a mega or mainstream influencer, remember a large following doesn’t mean the influencer is reaching your target audience. Before reaching out try researching influencers who already support your brand. This could mean searching through hashtags on a social platform to see if an influencer has tagged or previously supported your brand.
  • Invest in the right opportunities – Partnering with influencers who frequently collaborate with brands gives you an opportunity to work with someone who knows their audience and your target customer very well. Their insight will provide a targeted approach and more meaningful engagement. Additionally, investing in the right opportunity allows your brand to have more creative control of the delivery and set higher expectations for the campaign.
  • Influencer partnerships help build powerful relationships with a target audience, explore new and fun trends in marketing, and boost brand creativity. Investing in the right opportunities, understanding the influencer’s audience, and making room for new ideas are simple ways to maximize the relationship and your campaign.

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