The New Work-Life Balance

At kglobal, we are fortunate to have the flexibility to work from home during these trying times. But, that doesn’t mean that we’re breezing through our days in pajamas. With stay-at-orders expected to last weeks, if not months, here’s how our team is maintaining our productivity in new home environments.

Make your routine

It can be tempting to adapt a new, lazier schedule when commuting is removed from your morning to-do list. But, for the sake of your productivity (and after a while, your sanity), make a work-from-home routine and stick to it. Get up at the same time, get ready for the day, and create a space that allows you to concentrate. Schedule lunch, walking breaks, and even a weekly coffee break over Zoom with a coworker. This will help get you in the mental space to accomplish everything you normally would at the office.

Control what you can

With constant COVID-19 updates and a new work-life normal, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have control. That’s why it’s important to control what you can. Working from a one-bedroom apartment with your partner like me? Noise-cancelling headphones are a must. Competing calls with a roommate? Share your schedule ahead of time to plan workarounds. The more you can curate an environment and routine that makes you feel in control, the more clear-headed and productive you’ll be.


Now that you can’t just stop by your co-worker’s office to brainstorm or ask a question, it’s more important than ever to communicate, communicate, communicate. On our team, we use Slack to communicate quickly and efficiently, setting up different threads for different clients, projects, and teams. We’ve also replaced all of our in-person meetings with Zoom video calls so we can have face-to-face (virtual) interactions that keep us connected and on the same page.

Demonstrate new value

Like most companies today, our clients are facing unprecedented business challenges. With shifting priorities, it’s our job to adapt with our clients and offer new value that meets them where they are right now. kglobal specializes in many areas, so we’re able to adjust our services to help a client who suddenly needs crisis support or creative approaches to helping their community. Never stop thinking of new ways to impress your clients.

Pursue professional development

While investing in yourself is something everyone should maintain throughout their careers, now is a great time to pursue professional development. Take an online course on a design skill your client likes, read a book on your business practice industry, or simply practice your writing or presentation skills. LinkedIn Learning is a great place to start by watching tutorials to figure out what is it you want to learn next. No matter what you do, never stop learning. Your boss, your clients, and your future self will thank you.




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