About Sara

With over 15 years of experience leading full-scale marketing efforts in the nonprofit credit counseling and financial literacy arenas, Sara Hijaz brings a wealth of knowledge in both traditional and digital marketing, as well as insights unique to the credit industry. She specializes in building brand strategies, creating outreach plans, SEO, redesigning websites, writing content and managing targeted social media campaigns. At kglobal, Sara leads branding and marketing efforts for the DIA (Defense Industry Adjustment) program to help defense-oriented businesses in Indiana and South Carolina diversify their services into commercial markets and build impactful brands.

She came to kglobal from Money Management International (MMI), an education-focused nonprofit whose counseling model teaches consumers how to manage their money effectively and improves lives through sound financial education. Sara worked to educate consumers on ways to repay their debt obligations, manage finances wisely, and re-establish positive credit over time. Prior to MMI, Sara was at Clearpoint leading digital teams to build awareness and growth through inbound marketing campaigns and smart SEO tactics. She led efforts to build/redesign company websites to enhance user experience and improved conversions. Sara’s team also garnered several awards such as the Communicator Award for “best financial services online campaign.”

Sara earned her B.S in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and a Post-baccalaureate degree in Information Systems from VCU School of Business in Richmond, VA.


One last thing… Sara adores the Moth – True stories told live. They get at the heart of the human experience and help translate words into meaning.

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