About Karen

Karen Testa has a vast full circle base of knowledge that she brings to the kglobal team. Starting with an A.A. in Visual Communications, she was a prepress artist for ten years working up to prepress management for several Seattle area printers.

Using her degree to join the U.S. Navy Reserve, originally as a Photographers Mate, Karen was placed with NMCB 18 over twenty years ago, assigned as a Builder with collateral assignments from the CO as a PAO representative. Using her photography, prepress layout, and design skills on both her OIF/OEF deployments, she created the unit’s cruise books for both tours. She organized and supervised the operation of the historical research teams, project packages, and sales & distribution of these items for the unit. She also performed as a liaison to Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) with high command, and with local military and community organizations. She served as custodian of the MWR Fund and as a member of the Battalion MWR Council. As the Treasurer of the Battalion First Class Petty Officer Association, she assisted the PAO through various programs that raised over $20,000 in donations to support the purchase of deployment cruise books, t-shirts, and coins.

She realized her knowledge in photography & graphic design needed to go along with her print production knowledge, so she returned to The Art Institute of Seattle using her G.I. Bill to acquire a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, as well as adding a B.F.A. in Commercial Photography in just five years. She has much to offer our team as a Visual Designer for promotional, environmental, and web design, as well as photography, layouts and illustration.

Karen has a passion for the art world and its historic influences, especially within advertising. She uses her concepts to build an understanding of the effect of our culture and community to create design conceptualizations for re-branding. Her creative direction keeps in line with industry standards, but also allows for the bringing of new ideas in digital multimedia and strategic print planning for our projects. Karen has several passions she pursues, one as a Feline, Canine & Equine Photographer & Pet Sitter with KT Paw Studios. She uses these talents to volunteer for local animal shelters Purrfect Pals, PAWS and MEOW, assisting teams with fundraising and food drives for homeless pets.

As a Veteran and IAVA & VFW Life Member, Karen uses her design & social media skills for fundraising promotions for veterans and their families. Karen aspires to take over for Martha Stewart someday, as well as become a billiards champion and military historian. Yes, you read that right…a billiards champion.