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#StayHome Edition

Quarantine has brought me two new “coworkers”—one 5-year-old and one 16-month-old. As all working parents who are currently locked up…I mean, staying at home… with their children can attest to, our “free time” looks a little different. The goal each day is that no one cries. Here are some things we’ve found that help. The Circle Round podcast offers beautiful folk tales from around the world, while Girl Tales flips traditional fairy tales on their feminist head. Combined with Ooly Glitter Scented Pens and Unicorn Coloring Books you are guaranteed 30-45 minutes of contented silence. Brainflakes will keep your toddler, big kid (and spouse) entertained for hours. In the category of pricey but worth it KiwiCo and Little Passports offer options from babies to big kids and will ease your guilt at failing miserably at distance learning programs. And finally, where would I be without Virgin Wines, Jeni’s social distancing collections, and Carnival Row. There’d be a lot of crying.

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