Simplifying the Instagram Algorithm

Understanding platform algorithms will help you identify the ideal combination of content, social behaviors, and post timing to ensure maximum reach for your social posts. The trick is that platforms are constantly evolving their algorithms, adding sophistication, and it’s easy to get stuck in something you read two years ago that may no longer apply.

With this in mind, here’s a list of some key variables for Instagram that have stayed consistent in recent years:

1.TIME and FREQUENCY: Instagram no longer displays posts on your feed in chronological order, but it still gives preference to show more recent posts over older ones. The platform also considers usage frequency: if you open Instagram five times a day, your feed will take on more of chronological tone and contain a wider variety of content than if you use the app only once a week.

TIP: Find out when your audiences are most active. This way, you can optimize the publish date, hour, and frequency to increase the likelihood that your posts will be shown to them.

2. INTEREST: The more reactions your post has, the better. Instagram likes to show you posts that have received the most likes or comments.

TIP: Engagement leads to more engagement. Use polls or actively encourage comments to mobilize your viewers into action, rather than have them passively scroll through.

3. RELATIONSHIPS: Instagram tracks the strength of your relationships with other Instagrammers by the number of times you like, comment on, or tag them in other posts. A stronger relationship means posts from that account will be displayed on your feed more frequently, and closer to the top.

TIP: Focus on building relationships with your audience and influencers, rather than obtaining reach for its own sake.

When it comes to Instagram, quality definitely beats quantity!

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