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#StayHome EditionHayley Advokat

Pre-quarantine Hayley got her workout in by meeting the UberEats delivery driver half-way between the car and her apartment. However, since social distancing began, I’ve been following @bootybybrabants’ live workouts on Instagram, and let me tell you, they are getting me in shape! The first time I tried her workout, I was about ten minutes in and sweating profusely when she said, “…and we’re almost done the warm-up!” Needless to say, the full exercise always leaves me feeling THE MOST sore in THE BEST way. Next, one of my roommates has been quarantining at her childhood home in Baltimore. Her absence has been the perfect opportunity for me to secretly borrow her Nutribullet and put my smoothie-making skills to the test. I live across the street from the Carving Room – NoMa, and their to-go orange crushes taste like summer! I also recommend the chicken schnitzel because what says TGIF more than a ginormous piece of fried chicken washed down by a sugary cocktail?! Lastly, I am looking forward to attending one of DC Improv’s virtual comedy shows soon for a good laugh.

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