Four Summertime Tips for PR Professionals

Summertime means sunshine, heat waves, and much-deserved vacations. But in a PR professional’s world, summer isn’t an excuse to let the heat slow you down! This is a great time to keep learning and utilize unconventional methods to provide greater results for clients.

There are so many ways for PR professionals to use the seemingly slow summer months to their full advantage. Here are four ways to further your client’s business while soaking up some sun:

  1. Event Season: We’re all looking for fun and different ways to fill our longer days during the summer. This is the perfect time to host events with your clients in order to garner unique exposure and put them face-to-face with their customers and/or the media. Restaurants and outdoor spaces often look for companies to partner with, and summertime is the best time for getting people outside to try new and novel things.
  2. Summer Reading: Everyone needs something new to read while lying on the beach or lounging at the pool, and every PR pro wants their client to get the best placements and coverage. Vacation season doesn’t mean media pitching ever stops.
  3. Screen Time: With more sunny hours in the day, people are more likely to check their social media feeds. PR pros should maintain and even increase their clients’ social media presence during the summer months while consumers are more engaged.
  4. Out of Office: One way to get out of the office this summer is by attending conferences! Conferences are the perfect way to combine a trip away from home with some client exposure and professional development. PR pros should look out for relevant conferences and speaking events that their clients can attend or participate in. This is a very unique way to network with other thought leaders in addition to meeting potential customers.

No matter the season, PR professionals never slow down. Make summer the most productive season while still basking in the sun and having some fun!

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