The Secret Ingredients of a Successful Team

These days, you need timely and visually impactful communication products to effectively connect with your target audience. When creating and executing these communication products for a client, experience and customer familiarity can make all the difference.

Recently, I was reviewing the resume of a new kglobal team member who served the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport in Washington State – much like many other members of my team. I did the math and found that we have a combined 84 years of experience working with various entities within the Navy and Department of Defense (DoD). As a team of five people working primarily as visual communicators for NUWC Division, Keyport, three have served on active duty for the Navy, two of which continue to serve in the Navy Reserves. One served in the Army, and one has been working for the Navy for over 37 years.

Each member of the team has also spent their careers in some sort of communication role, including years of formal and on the job training in various practices of communication. Over time, we’ve cultivated a deeper understanding of this client. This experience and familiarity allows any member of our team to navigate complicated DoD policies and procedures, and to efficiently convert a customer’s idea into a successful communication product.

The Navy and DoD have their own unique communication methods and standards that can be difficult to understand for individuals who do not have experience in those arenas. That’s why having a diverse team with common knowledge and understanding about the customer is paramount to long-term success. Familiarity is an aspect of the job that cannot be taught – it takes times and requires thoughtful attention to the unique needs and nuances of a client. While it requires a lot of effort, it builds trust with your client. Trust allows a team to greatly expedite the communication process between customer and contractor.

Each member on my team, from the longest-tenured to the newest hire, can communicate effectively with the customer and create quality products with lasting impact. I take great pride in the products we produce as well as the quality and speed with which we are able to produce them. The Poulsbo, Washington, team of kglobal has become a family that cares deeply about the customer, products produced, and most importantly, each other.

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