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#StayHome EditionEllen Huber

I’ve found that living and working in quarantine needs – unfortunately – a day-by-day AND long-term strategy. Here’s what’s helped me adjust to the new norm.

I joined a remote book club with friends and family. We follow Book of The Month Club, which promotes new authors and timely subjects. Book Club encourages me to take time every day to read (and escape a bit) and brings me together (virtually) with loved ones. We take time to share our quarantine and life experiences outside of book-talk, which has been very therapeutic. Another thing I’m doing for myself is taking Barre3 classes or running outdoors almost daily. It’s a great mental reset at the end of the day that helps me transition from work mode to recovery mode. Lastly, I’m using my saved commuting time to work on my professional development. From audio editing tutorials to SEO workshops, the internet is a great place to invest in yourself and your career (for free). The personal/work crossover makes it feel twice as productive to me.

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