Culture of Excellence: The Deciding Factor Between Surviving and Winning

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 31st National Symposium for the Surface Navy Association in Washington D.C. I was there to provide social media assistance in support of the strategic communications objectives of the U.S. Navy. As a Navy veteran, it was incredible to interact with both Navy and defense industry leaders and gain insight into what the future of the Surface Navy will look like.

The big takeaway for me came from Vice Admiral Rich Brown’s State of the Surface Force address when he urged everyone in attendance to drive towards a culture of excellence. Building this culture of excellence is so critical because in the words of Vice Admiral Brown, “compliance produces only survivors. Excellence always produces winners.”

My time going to sea is behind me, but his message still resonated. As professionals we need to ask ourselves, are we striving for excellence? Are we doing what it takes to win or are we doing what it takes to survive? Delivering superior support to our clients requires us to understand that meeting an expectation is not the goal, it’s only the minimum.

In the fast-paced world in which we operate, where a single tweet can make it around the world in a second, we can’t afford to simply survive. We must cultivate our own culture of excellence in order to win.

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