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#StayHome Edition

I’m a big fan of the No Such a Thing as a Fish podcast. Every Friday, the hosts discuss goofy facts, which they turn to be fantastic ice-breakers. Their last episode, for example, explains how XIX-Century actor Edmund Kean instructed his drunk friends to boo other actors, helping him rise to stardom.
The iconic English band Radiohead is posting a concert every Thursday on their youtube channel. They have 3 so far, each one from a different tour. Enjoy!
Is learning a new language one of your goals during confinement? Try this Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix videos in two languages simultaneously, with a pop-up dictionary and the option to change the playback speed.
If you like trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone, have a look at the website. They recommend different challenges and the estimated time you need to complete them. Time to organize that wardrobe!

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