Why Your Brand Identity is a Critical Part of Your Business

Those bell-bottoms you wore in 1970 are not in style today (although I’m sure some would beg to differ). And if your organization or government agency’s logo is also sporting an outdated style – it’s time for a refresh.

Many successful companies go through multiple logo refreshes. Take a look at this list that compiles logos for companies like Pepsi, Shell, and Apple. And don’t forget two major logo refreshes that happened recently: Google and Instagram.

We see this need the most for our government contractor clients, defense companies, and government agencies and it’s easy to understand why. Maybe leadership doesn’t see a logo or overall brand refresh as a priority or maybe there are not enough resources to execute this project. Our answer: your company or organization’s brand identity is a critical part of your business. Here’s why:

  • Your company’s logo is the main visual customers will identify you by. How do you want your company to be remembered? Make it simple and make it memorable.
  • It differentiates your company from your competitors. You must stand out to beat the competition and your company’s logo is one way to help.
  • It sends a subconscious message about your company to potential customers. What does your company’s current branding say and does that match what you want it to say? For example, does your company have the latest technology but the company’s logo is 15-20 years old and has outdated design elements? Your message of “innovation” is lost.
  • Your company’s logo is part of your company culture. A logo doesn’t only send a message to potential customers – it sends a message to potential staff as well. Make sure your company’s logo attracts the people you want to hire.

If you decide that your company is ready for a logo refresh, call in a creative team. It may sound feasible and cost-effective to have someone on your current staff that has some design skills to refresh your brand, but if this isn’t their full-time job, you’ll be wasting time and money in the end. A creative team knows current and future design trends and they do this work day-in and day-out for clients. You’ll get high-quality designs that will make your company stand out.

Change can be scary and risky, but it’s important for your company to stay current and two steps ahead of your competition. Be the brand others want to be and the brand potential customers think of first.

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