What is the Current Definition of the O’Reilly Factor?

The American public’s collective head is spinning as we wonder if we are in a real-life and sick version of the old game show, Who Do You Trust? We are barely into the first trimester of 2017. We are already neck-deep in political scandals and now there’s yet another  public disgrace to gawk at.  This time, allegations against Fox host Bill O’Reilly are the fodder for a Sunday section feature story in the New York Times. It’s a follow-up to the he-said-she-said drama that ended in the dismissal of former Fox head Roger Ailes for similar charges.

To clarify, The New York Times notes that a total of five women were found to have received payments, totaling about $13 million, for agreeing not to pursue litigation or speak publicly about their accusations. Of the five settlements, two were previously uncovered and reported on, one in 2004 and the other late last year. For his part O’Reilly denies the allegations in each instance.  There are sooooo many questions to be answered.

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