Tesla and Other Driverless Car Leaders Must Slow Down to Rebuild Consumer Confidence After Fatal Accidents

Tesla’s driverless car concept is sound as evidenced by competitors like Ford, Google and Uber that are also believers in similar technologies and are in the midst of their own auto-pilot driver assisted system tests. Auto-pilot vehicles are definitely in our future. That said, there is no doubt everyone getting into the auto-pilot car business has been impacted by two recent fatal accidents involving Tesla driverless vehicles in the U.S. and China. How fast or slow these Artificial Intelligence concepts are universally accepted depends on how carefully the car makers nurture their products, their brands and react to these recent accidents that have stolen lives and can steal wide consumer acceptance. Exciting technology needs to be introduced through prudent PR and marketing programs that recognize the dangers and more carefully sell those kinds of products. As in many crisis scenarios it’s not the impactful event that can kill a business and concept, it’s how those crises are handled that defines future business or utter failure.

For more from Scott on the driverless cars industry, click here to read the full CommPro article.

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