About Scott

Scott Sobel listens to kglobal clients, understands their business and applies passion and ability to devising a strategic plan to meet client’s goals. His clients include law firms and schools, universities, charities, manufacturers of aviation products, associations, healthcare businesses and entertainers.

He began his public relations career as a regional director for Tele-communications, Inc. and AT&T Broadband, where he handled public relations, media and government relations assignments, also leading national media training teams.

Scott has extensive international experience: directing marketing and public relations for an international e-learning company; representing the Catholic and International Baptist churches; and organizing trade missions for Egyptian and Indian legal and business associations. He frequently represents clients seeking to build relationships with members of Congress and to develop corporate social responsibility events and programs.

Before joining kglobal, Scott ran his own public relations agency. Prior to that, he was a senior vice president and crisis team leader for Levick Strategic Communications.

Scott’s reporting career began at the Miami Herald and then Scott reported and produced at the major TV market and network levels, concentrating on investigative, legal and consumer topics. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Political Science from the University of Miami and a Master’s of Media and Communications Psychology from the Touro University system.

One last thing… Scott binge-listens to different musical artists depending on the business trip location: Springsteen, Aretha, Garth Brooks and Annie Lennox are favorites — opera is not.

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