About Kevin

Kevin Whitmeyer is a Senior Account Executive at kglobal and is embedded in the Department of the U.S. Army, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA) where he conducts analysis, assessments, and strategy to improve messaging, evaluate campaign effectiveness, and advise on best practices in media relations for the Army.

Kevin previously worked for the State Department’s Near Eastern Affairs Press Office. He managed the Libya portfolio and engaged in daily briefings with the Spokesperson. He has also worked for National Defense University, the Middle East Institute, and Phase One Consulting Group – where he was a contractor to USAID’s CIO office. Kevin graduated from UNC Charlotte with a major in Political Science. He was an active member of UNCC’s world-renowned Model United Nations team, and traveled to Singapore and Vancouver to compete in international competitions. Kevin received his Master’s in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University, with concentrations in Transnational Security Issues and Terrorism.


One last thing… Kevin has given on the record interviews conveying U.S. policy regarding Libya, including a live interview in Arabic that was broadcast to several countries in the Middle East.