About Joe

Joe Malunda leads kglobal’s digital and social. Responsible for crafting and executing online campaigns directly impacting our clients’ bottom line, Joe drives the growth of kglobal’s business and client relationships across different industries and challenges. Work for his clients have been cited by premier publications, including AdWeek, PR News, and USA Today. Joe has spoken at seminars and workshops about the potency of digital done right.

Joe’s journey has been unconventional, to say the least. After spending countless nights in medical school libraries and hospital emergency rooms laying the groundwork to become a physician, he had the brilliant idea to leave the medical profession. Prior to joining kglobal, Joe coordinated digital strategies for political candidates and educational institutions. Joe’s tweets have been highlighted by top digital outlets, including Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post, and have been seen millions of times on Reddit’s front page.


Joe holds a Master’s from Georgetown University and earned his Bachelor’s at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s also a freelance copywriter for multiple Fortune 500 brands.


One last thing…Joe’s education qualifies him to be three-eighths of a doctor. Ask him about the six cadavers he’s dissected.

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