Super Bowl Advertisements: The Nation’s Second-Most Watched Spectacle

Now that Mad Men has come to a close, the Super Bowl stands alone as the ad industry’s most prominent contribution to television and pop culture at-large. With this year’s game quickly approaching, let’s go back a year and go through three of 2015’s best ads, each aiming for a different thematic Super Bowl ad trope:

Kia: “The Perfect Getaway” (David & Goliath)

Having gained mass popularity with Pepsi’s star-studded commercials, celebrities and Super Bowl are usually a winning combination. Of course, many are absurdly gratuitious—Beckham’s H&M ad comes to mind. Kia takes this expectation and makes it the focus of the ad, with an ad exec pitching Pierce Brosnan a hypothetical Kia ad. Needless to say, they pulled it off. We’re hoping Kia’s 2016 ad with Walken performs similarly.

Clash of Clans: “Revenge” (The studio formerly known as Barton F. Graf 9000)

Most mobile games run together for me— usually, “The One Promoted by Kate Upton,” thanks to ad saturation by one mobile game developer. Though our client roster includes uCool, another fellow Superbowl advertiser, we give the hat tip of Superbowl videogame ads to Clash of Clans and their commercial, produced by BFG.

Always: “Like a Girl” (Leo Burnett)

Every Superbowl, you watch a few feel-good ads, some saccharine cute and others not quite hitting their intended mark. Always not only nailed it, the ad remains one of the few through the years that really, truly inspires.

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