Guilt by Association: Sponsors Are Trying to Cut Losses by Cutting Ryan Lochte

Keeping a crisis from metastasizing into a disaster is the goal of reputation managers. Ryan Lochte and his sponsors were out of luck the second he opened his mouth and tried to answer initial and then follow-up questions that involved any sophistication.

I really don’t intend to be mean spirited but the swimmer is great at putting one arm in front of the other, breathing when his head turns out of the water and kicking. He is not great at putting one thought and sentence together. He is not Solomon when it comes to judgment and ad-libbing and he never should have been served up again to NBC News’ Matt Lauer, who also dropped the ball during the initial interview and was out for blood, like a shark in the water, during the last “get.”

For more from Scott on the fallout of Ryan Lochte’s comments, click here to read the full CommPro article.

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