Cross “Industry Experience” Off Your Must-Have List

Recently, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in business development. On a few occasions we’ve lost pitches due to a lack of “industry experience.”  Translation: kglobal doesn’t specialize in one specific industry. Rather than only working in the healthcare space, or with food and agriculture clients, or focusing on generating financial press, we have clients from startups to nonprofits and everyone in between. We work with corporations, universities, NGOs and the federal government on issues ranging from food policy to consumer product marketing, from presidential politics to transportation and logistics. These potential clients saw this portfolio diversity as a weakness.

Here’s why they are wrong.

  1. Our clients are the subject matter experts. We are the communications experts. Our work is a partnership. Our clients know their space, subject matter and particular challenges better than we ever could. I have no intention of ever walking in to a pitch and telling someone I know more about farm policy than their 30+ years of day-in-day-out experience.  What I do know is how to communicate with the right audience more effectively and efficiently than my clients ever could on their own. The value kglobal brings is not being able to out-datapoint our clients, rather, it’s that we take their expertise and experience and powerfully tell their story to the right audiences.
  2. Diverse past performance equals a non-traditional approach. Agencies that only do one thing for one type of client only do one thing for one type of client. You are much more likely to get a templated, stale, inside-baseball approach if your communications agency is only working with clients just like you. kglobal brings a broader approach to our clients. We learned lessons marketing the latest healthcare app that will cause us to think differently about how to recruit digital grassroots supporters for your education advocacy campaign. A diverse client roster drives innovation and outside-the-box thinking.
  3. We offer our clients a wider bench. Because we have such a wide range of clients, we have a wide range of relationships at your disposal. Whether it’s reporters, community influencers or specific demographics you’re after, I guarantee you our network is wider than a firm who only works in one space. Those relationships, combined with a project team who has experience ranging from foreign elections to bacon clubs, gives our clients access to the widest bench in the communications industry.

We have a diverse client roster, not because we are unfocused, pursuing any available revenue or lacking in subject matter expertise. Rather, we maintain a diverse portfolio because it enables us to think differently, broader and more innovatively for our clients.

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