Following a difficult consolidation and restructuring, an iconic South Carolina textile manufacturer emerged from the American textile crisis on firm financial footing. The company was now positioned to invest in the future, but leadership wasn’t sure about the best path for sustainable growth. To make this determination, they needed to consider a host of complex factors including technological advancements in the industry, market forces, potential acquisition targets, regulatory trends, marketing tactics, and brand strategy.


Our team conducted a series of strategic planning and branding & marketing activities designed to help the company better understand where it had been and where it was going, identify and explore avenues for capital investment and expansion, make internal adjustments to effectively position for diversification, and revitalize its external communications to attract new audiences and increase sales.


With our help, the company’s executive leadership was able to approach future capital investment decisions with confidence. Our alternative futures analysis enabled them to reject options they had once considered – and instead focus corporate energies on those with the lowest risk and highest upside. Having brought clarity to a complex market landscape, our market research helped prioritize specific market segments for new sales initiatives. To augment these initiatives, we developed a new website featuring striking visuals and a coherent narrative to attract and assure prospective buyers, as well as ready-to-run recruiting material.

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