An engineering and specialty manufacturing company in South Carolina with extensive past performance serving government and commercial clients struggled to build recurring engagements and make the leap to a growth posture. Several factors contributed to this challenge including a lack of a strategic messages and business development and marketing plans, and confusion around the company’s core identity.


Our team conducted a series of strategic planning and branding and marketing activities designed to help our client better understand itself, identify and explore avenues for new corporate growth, make internal adjustments to effectively position for diversification, and revitalize its external communications to attract new audiences and increase sales.


Our engagement helped the company to view its services in a more strategic context through a strategic planning workshop, which in turn helped change its identity from responsive supplier to proactive problem solver. The company’s principals are using our market research to revisit their extensive list of past clients and identify new avenues for revitalizing those relationships and moving up the supply chain. Armed with new sales and marketing materials, they are ready to communicate the benefits of their consultative approach and mutually supportive service offerings. With our help, the company has aligned its capabilities and desired engagement model to meet the needs of the customers it wants to serve, and it has the refreshed brand it needs to reach and retain them.

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