Having enjoyed rapid growth within the defense sector, an information technology company in South Carolina sought to diversify into the private sector. The firm was optimized to support DoD: its business development practices were honed to respond to federal solicitations, its workforce was fully engaged as direct contract support, and its marketing materials emphasized compliance – with a heavy dose of DoD jargon. Leadership sought a balanced plan for diversification in order to attract and secure new sources of revenue while still strengthening and growing its critical defense customer base. While their approach was unique, leadership struggled to articulate its value proposition and to define the potential customer base it was seeking to attract.


Informed by corresponding strategic planning activities, we conducted a brand strategy workshop to help the company’s executives better understand and communicate their capabilities and differentiators in a more structured and commercial-friendly way. We delivered a completely revitalized brand with proactive marketing messages. With updated messaging, we helped them stand out in a crowded field of IT providers and provided a unifying theme for all communications materials going forward. We also produced ready-to-run sales and marketing materials, including a corporate one-pager to present the company’s updated narrative and invite consultative discussions, accompanied by process recommendations for developing business in commercial markets.


Aided by our structured strategic planning activities, the firm’s leadership is better positioned to expand into new markets while securing and continuing to grow its federal customer base. We helped the team to better appreciate and explain the underlying value proposition of its capability set in a manner that will resonate with potential clients across multiple markets. Rather than focusing on their success at responding to defined government requirements, the company’s new messaging narrative emphasizes how their innovative technical approach and thought leadership enables them to deliver holistic and sustainable solutions that exceed typical customer specifications.

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